Saturday, January 4, 2014

Our Advent Dinner Tradition

My mother began a tradition of having dinners each Sunday of Advent to prepare our hearts as a family for the season of Christmas.

We decided to continue this tradition in our home in North Carolina.

The beauty of it was that our first Advent dinner was with my parents!  I don’t have a good picture of all of us, but we had a lovely time visiting for a few days, which was kicked off by this dinner!


Our next dinner included new friends from our new home.  The girls made crafts together before dinner while the boys played Wii.  We had a great time!


Our next dinner included another group of friends from NC.  We had a great time with their family as well!  The kids played games together in the basement and had such fun.


I don’t have  a picture of our final Advent dinner.  Sadly, our friends were sick and had to cancel. 

Although we were quite bummed, our family had a lovely meal together and celebrated the final Advent dinner. 

I am so glad we could continue this tradition in our new home AND that we had such great friends to celebrate it with, having only lived here 4 months.


DanaSr said...

What's with the rabbit ears on Tricia? I want the culprits name, address and phone number, not!

Glad you had some time with friends over the advent season.

Kristin's Memories said...



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