Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas Giving

Something I want

Something I need

Something to wear

Something to read.

I found that little poem a few years ago on the web.  It has helped us focus our Christmas giving into 4 gifts and helps the kids with the idea that they aren’t getting EVERYTHING that they want. 

In fact, one kid in the house made their list using the poem this year.  That was helpful!

I take a lot of liberties with the poem.  “Something I need” can be a real need OR can just be a smaller toy because “something I want” is the big thing.  We have also determined that “something to read” could also be a game because we are a game playing family!

We also use the categories to spread out the gift opening.  On December 22, we opened our gifts from K and our “something to read”.

K (age 11) worked hard at a friend’s house and made pillows for the boys and a purse for T.  A homeschool craft day led to some other creations for parents as well.


Then we opened “something to read”.

T is one of the many fans of Calvin and Hobbes in the house!


D (age 6) was an exception to the “read” rule because he received the game, “Laser Maze.”  He LOVES this game.  I highly recommend it!


C (age 4)’s antics and enthusiasm never fail to disappoint!  He was so very excited to receive his favorite book, “Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site”.


K (age 11) has been borrowing my bible rather than taking her large Adventure Bible.  I took note to that fact and we updated her with a more “grown up” bible to take to church.  It is also less bulky, so that helps!


The next night was “something to wear”. 

I should mention that the boys are OK with this, but it isn’t their favorite night.


Marvel PJ’s and a Darth Vader jacket.  Honestly, D opened them, said thanks and went back to his Laser Maze.


C opened an Old Navy fleece and a T-shirt.  His T-shirt says, “They said I could be anything when I grew up, so I decided to become a Ninja.”  C tells us at least 3-4 times a week that he intends to be a Ninja when he gets older.  It was perfect.


K (age 11) was sporting her new vest.  T (age 9) was happy with her new sparkly pink sweater.


Christmas morning for our family was December 24th.  We woke up and stayed in PJ’s all day.  Daddy took off work and we pretended it was Christmas morning.

Something I need…again, I take a lot of liberty.  This is usually a small toy.  Both boys seem to NEED legos these days.


T found herself the proud owner of a “needed” addition to the Q Ba Maze 2.0. 


K found herself VERY confused as to why she would NEED a Kindle Fire case, considering she doesn’t have a Kindle Fire.

After reading it, she said, “There must be a Kindle Fire for me at Grandma’s or maybe here.”  But we had said NO TABLETS for kids as a rule….so she was confused.

Clearly, it is a rule we reconsidered….


Something I want….

An excavator


Lego Friends Dolphin Cruiser


Kindle Fire


Hot Wheels 4 Lane Elimination Track


Stocking Stuffers:


Playtime all day:


We had a great day relaxing, celebrating and enjoying one another’s company!

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