Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Tiny Talk Tuesday helps parents focus on one of the many joys of parenting - the funny things that our little ones (and sometimes big ones) have to say.

Join in the fun and record the Tiny Talk overheard in your house! Publish a post on your blog and link us to the laughs. Then be sure to link to the blog carnival on this post so more bloggers can join in the fun.

The guidelines can be found here if you need them.

D (age 4) was playing a game on the internet. He accidentally hit the home key on the keyboard and it sent him back to google. He began crying and his big sister, K (age 8), yelled from across the room, "It's OK David. You are on google.com. Everything will be alright."

(yes, it appears that google has already started to control my children)

D: Mom, do you know why I love Baby Cat so much?
Mom: No. Why?
D: Cause he loves me so much.

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RicKaren said...

Cute google comment! I added my link in but I am having trouble with the link from my blog back to here. Just so you know....I am working on it! =)

AnnG said...

It's funny how they learn about google so early, huh? This generation we are raising will never know the challenges of living without "technology" at their finger tips!


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