Friday, July 1, 2011

Our “backyard”

I live a in a “planned” community in the heart of suburbia. 

And I SWORE I would never live here, but I do.  And admittedly, I LOVE it. 

If I go to the end of my street and turn left, it is less than a 10 minute walk to our neighborhood pool, grocery story, bagel place, ice cream shop, basketball courts, playground, soccer field, AND bank.  They are all less than a half mile away.

And I do love that direction OH SO MUCH! 

BUT if I go to the end of my street and turn RIGHT, it’s a whole other story in less than half mile.

I don’t wear my tennis shoes for this walk… IMG_5278

Within moments suburban life disappears from the mind.


The explorations begin.  Treasures are found.


Quiet observations take place.


Until we arrive at our final destination….


Suburbia is gone.   And we begin to play…

IMG_5305 IMG_5310

Dirt is tolerated here.  In fact, it is mostly celebrated!  On faces.  On hands.  Even in mouths.

 IMG_5340 IMG_5342 IMG_5370 IMG_5381

We splash.  We build.  We play.


And Mommy is no exception once she hands the camera off to Daddy for a bit.


There are moments of noise…


And there are moments of quiet.


It’s wonderfully different here from the normal pace of life.


And we are so thankful it is right in “our backyard”.


After our fun, we gather ourselves together for the UPHILL trek back home, grateful it isn’t too far.


The best of both worlds, suburbia and nature, both within minutes of walking.


American Mamacita said...

"Dear Ms. Mary,
Thank you for pointing out to Mama that she needs to buy us some wellies so we can get INTO the actual water next time we go down to the river. We had no idea moms actually let their kids do that!
Bear (aka the Analyst) and Jose (aka I Love Squishy Things)

AnnG said...

Wow! You can't beat a community like that! Enjoying both parts of modern life - the city and the country! How fun!!

Meg said...


Monica said...

Sounds like a perfect place to raise your family! Though we don't have nature so easily what accessible (it's neighborhoods everywhere) I'm always amazed at what my kids can dig up in our own back yard and discover at our neighborhood pond.


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