Monday, April 18, 2011

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Tiny Talk Tuesday helps parents focus on one of the many joys of parenting - the funny things that our little ones (and sometimes big ones) have to say.

Join in the fun and record the Tiny Talk overheard in your house! Publish a post on your blog and link us to the laughs. Then be sure to link to the blog carnival on this post so more bloggers can join in the fun.

The guidelines can be found here if you need them.

K (age 8), T (age 6) and D (age 4) were excited/shocked by all of the steam on the stove. I had two pots of water boiling for the eggs they were going to dye. They decided to "fan" the steam with lids.

I went over and turned on the vent. About this time Eric offered to go in the basement with the kids. The girls hopped down to head downstairs, but D wouldn't go..."Who is going to fan all of this steam?"

It was so cute and innocent and he really believed that he needed to be there. Cracked me up!

I was reading chapter 2 of "Homer Price" to my older three. The chapter is about a comic book superhero. The superhero is so tough that bullets just bounce off of him...

K: Nothing kills the superhero.

D: They should use spikes.

THAT cracked us all up. Where on earth does my little boy get stuff like this???

I have been playing, "Guess Who" with D. He loves this game, but he asks everything in the negative...which makes it a bit tougher to think about.

D: Does your person not have brown hair?

D: Does your person not have glasses?

This method of play drives me mad!

I have been listening to the Glee soundtracks. I don't like the show, but the CD's are a nice mix of music and kinda fun in the car.

K got a new stuffed bunny. She was selecting a name and stated, "I think I'll name her Gold digger."

Uh....maybe we'll stop listening to track 3...

So I got season 2 this week and really enjoy it. We turned it off at dinnertime and T said, "Is that Glee?" I told her it was. She responded, "I really like the red Glee one. I like the red Glee CD with the Jesus songs on it."

Hmmmmm....she was referring to the Steve Green Worship CD mommy listened to in the car all day AFTER her oldest daughter wanted to name a bunny, "Gold digger".

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Nicole said...

Those are cute!!! I especially love the Glee ones!!

MaryAnne said...

I love that last quote! Too funny!

Lindsay said...

hehe these were too funny!! The naming the bunny gold digger :-P

Jenilee said...

the glee quotes are too cute. :)

Crystal Roberts said...

Love what your kids say ; ) Don't like Glees either, but I think it would be a fun listen in the car.

Becky @ BoysRuleMyLife said...

My boys LOVED "Homer Price"! I'll have to share your kids' thoughts with mine. :)


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