Friday, April 1, 2011

The Cat turns 4

Dear D,

Well, quite some time ago, in January to be exact, you turned four years old. 

IMG_3811Wow.  Four. 

That’s big.

Is my little boy REALLY four? 

Yes.  He is.

And I want to take a moment to let you know how much we enjoyed your special day and how much we enjoy YOU!

You were such a happy guy during your party.  Everything about the celebration was exciting to you! 

You were so excited to get the “number 4” balloon!  You picked some pretty random colors to with it, including your favorite color, red.

Now…for months, you have called yourself, “The Cat”.  This nickname is due to your stuffed animal, “Baby Cat”.  You adore your stuffed cat, so you adopted his character as your own.


Of course, that made a perfect “theme” for your birthday cake.  And you were delighted!



Opening gifts was such fun!  You have such wonderful expressions and showed your delight with each present.


Of course, another special stuffed animal was given to you…a Bunny.  You like your bunny, but he hasn’t replaced, “Baby Cat”. 


You look like such a big boy on your new bike.


The most fascinating and crazy gift of the day goes to the gun and target set that Grandma found.

I asked your Grandmother to get you a toy gun.  In my opinion, every boy should have a toy gun!

IMG_3850She shopped and shopped and could not find one!

Finally, she ended up coming across the Wild West Gunslinger Gun and Target set hidden in a clearance section at Target.  It was marked down to $5!

Of course, she wasn’t quite sure about this silly looking thing, but for $5, she grabbed it.

After setting it all up and filling the guns and targets with batteries, my father played with it for over an hour.

She knew she had a hit.  And boy was she correct!


Yep, the big boys liked it too!  Your daddy and grandfather were having a good time with the targets.


Basically, this gun uses some sort of infrared so that when you aim it at the targets and pull the trigger, the targets make a sound and “fall down”.  (The top part falls backwards and then pops back up a few seconds later)


It really is quite fun!

But more fun than playing it was watching you have such a great time with it!


Four is a great age!  It is so fun to include you in with the “older kids” these days!  You are a delight to our family and I am so thankful for you.

I love you little guy! 




Lindsay said...

aww love that you could celebrate the cat! I love the little target practice toy!

AnnG said...

Love seeing the joy on his face!


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