Monday, November 1, 2010

A birthday girl…from August

Dear T (age 6)

Your birthday came and went in August without even a peep on my blog.  Of course, now that K (age 8) has had a birthday too, I figured that I should get on the ball!

You are fortunate enough to have an amazingly loving and creative sister.  She planned a “Birthday Eve” party for you.  We made muffins and gave you, “Little B", a fuzzy littlest pet shop penguin because your birthday party theme is going to be penguins.


At bedtime, you sweetly asked me, “Please take my picture when I am sleeping.  It will be the last night that I go to bed as a five year old.”

How could I refuse?


On your birthday morning, I was the lucky parent who got to enjoy a special breakfast with you. (We alternate years and I get the even years…2010 is even) We had a lovely time at the Bagel place in the village center.


You are full of personality…IMG_0989

And beauty, on the inside and out.


When it came to your party day, you celebrated it as only you would think to do…with SIX ponytails for the SIX year old.


We had a pool party at Grandma’s to celebrate your big day.IMG_1021    

Your daddy produced another amazing cake!  The theme was penguins, so he made you an adorable penguin.

 IMG_1110 IMG_1114

You wanted the face, which looked a little strange on your plate.



We had a great time!  I think everyone had fun, including you, the special birthday girl!


Happy (very late) Birthday my wonderful daughter.  I love you dearly!



Jules said...

That cake looked amazing!

Happy Birthday to the big six year old.

Meg said...

Happy Birthday, beautiful T!!

Lindsay said...

I love the 6 pony tails for the 6 year old party! The cake looks awesome!

~Ginger said...

The sleeping photo is too cute for words. I love her idea of getting that last sleep picture being five.

I cannot believe this sweet little girl is growing up so fast. I remember last year thinking you wrote the wrong age when it was her birthday.

I hope her day was amazing! I'm sure it was and that is one COOL cake.

AnnG said...

Great tribute...even if it is a bit late!!


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