Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Snow Day

Way back in December, the East Coast was ROCKED with a huge snow storm! Snowfall records for December (in my home state) were smashed!

One word describes the feeling of the older three children in this house for 3 days straight...


Yes, sheer joy. Elation. Happiness. Excitement.

The kind of joy that is impervious to cold. Unable to be numbed by wind, wetness, or freezing temperatures.

The kind of joy that gives you flashbacks to your own childhood days when hours in the snow was the best way to spend your day. Even if it was just helping daddy shovel.

It was the kind of snowfall that made fort building a success!

After all, almost two feet of snow is a lot of snow.

And it makes for some huge piles when the driveway has been shovelled.

Day two brought less frigid temperatures and more hours of fun! Daddy worked hard to build a sledding track.

And it was well used by our kids...

The neighborhood kids...

and even the parents of the neighborhood kids...

It was fun all day.

And special "up late nights" of darkness and sledding

Pure fun for days. We couldn't get enough.

Hoping for another good one this season!


DanaSr said...

Oh, the memories that come flooding back. Probably why I have such an affinity for snow.

Hoping for a repeat in February! (and I'm coming to your house)

~Ginger said...

So reminds me of my childhood! I love the fact that my oldest Texas daughter remembers her childhood fondly and winter snow is a huge part of it.

Great times! said...

beautiful pictures! you captured the memories well. i too am hoping for one more real snowfall this winter!


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