Friday, January 22, 2010

Raising a Boy

Dear D (age 3),

You have always loved cars.

Luckily, so did your sister, T, so we had a house full of cars! But she didn't love cars the way you love cars.

For you, the cars aren't just the means of fun transportation in a game. They are the game. Early on you began taking them all around the house with you. You began at age 2 with the yellow and pink punch buggies. Even when you were watching TV, you had your cars as your companions.

Cars have remained your favorite toy. And you know each and every one of them by description. When you go in your bed, I am often assaulted with questions about cars...

Can you get my yellow one with red lights?
Where is my orange digger?
I need the green one that goes up and down.

Most of the time, I am baffled. I have never even seen the one you are describing. But every time I head to the bin downstairs, your request is there. Because you know them all.

For awhile you carried them around in the yellow punch buggy. Then we stored them all in a backpack. But the number of cars has outgrown any type of container, as have the size of the cars.

Your cars inspire your play, even when you aren't using them. You enjoy playing "digger" even without vehicles.

You become the digger! You love to dig and dump your legos!

For Christmas this year, and your recent birthday, I told everyone that you would like anything with wheels. So you added many things to your collection, including planes.

On Christmas Eve, amidst the chaos, you were in your own world with your new plane.

Your birthday was filled with Tonka and Matchbox. Your big yellow Tonka dumptruck has been a clear favorite! You take it to bed, outside, and all over the house.

Oh my little boy, it has sure been an adventure. I will not forget the night I was picking up a few things for your birthday at Target. I found myself standing in the matchbox/hotwheels/Tonka aisle, with a strange desire to buy all of it. As I looked around, I kept thinking, "Oh, D would LOVE that!"

I had never been drawn to the car aisle before.

Then again, I have never had a three year old boy before.

And I am loving every minute of it.



Lindsay said...

awww sweet post! Sammy is very into cars as well! They would be great buddies! I love the plane picture... you described it so well.. he is in his own little world!

~Ginger said...

Totally foreign to me! When we first met the Short boys I was amazed at how they knew their cars! My husband was in heaven playing with them and listening to their sounds and watching their actions.

Boys are different than girls. I don't think we had one single car in our house except the cozy coop outside that they played in every single day.

I love this post! Oh how fun it will be when D and his brother start to share their playtime!

Dana Hanna said...

Big yellow dump truck FTW! :)


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