Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tiny Talk Tuesday - Holiday Edition II

This week one lucky Tiny Talk participant is going to win the "Rejoice a little" CD! Good luck to all of the participants.

The tiny ones in this house are talking and here is what they said this week:
Mom: You're a goofball.
T (age 3): I'm not a ball.
(nope, just a goof I guess) _____________________________________________________
It finally snowed here! The girls were so excited as the snowflakes started coming. T (age 3) was so excited looking out the back door! Then she turned around and yelled, "Look there's more snow out the other door!"
(yep...front AND back of the house...go figure) _____________________________________________________
The girls noticed my sweatshirt with the name of my college the other day.
T (age 3): T...O...W...
Mom: That is the name of the college that mommy went to so she could learn how to be a teacher.
T: And then you changed back into a mommy?
Mom: Then I became a mommy and decided to stay home with my babies.
K: (age 5)You almost forgot about the husband!
Mom: Yes, before I became a mommy, your daddy and I got married.
(in THAT order!!!!) ____________________________________________________
Anytime we talk about something with the number "3", T exclaims, "Like I am 3".

Mom: This is Day three of Advent.
T: Like I am three!

T: (points to an exit #3 sign) That's three like me.

T: (someone lays down an UNO card that is a 3) That's like I am three.

T: (counts the pieces of hot dog left on her plate) 1-2-3...that's like me
Holiday Talk...

Well, K beat me to it today when she asked...
K (age 5): How will Santa get in our house?
Mom: I don't know. What do you think?
K: I think he'll have to come in the door or open a window. But I won't see him because I will be asleep.
Mom: Sounds like that will work for him.
K: And you won't see him because you'll be watching a show or asleep.
Mom: That's right.
K: (silently pondering for a bit and then yells) I KNOW! Maybe we can share with our new neighbors and he can come down their chimney! ____________________________________________________
Now for a little Holiday Vlogging....

I have to tell you that my girls are in ridiculously silly moods, totally ready for bed. I asked them, "What should mommy get daddy for Christmas?" and then "What should daddy get mommy?" (My camera will only do 30 secs at a time....UGH, so there is a continuation video) I loved these...I love those little girls. (baby brother is in bed already)


You're turn:


Meg said...

oooooh, I like the vlog! Fun stuff. Audrey always does the "3 like me!".

Lisa@Take90West said...

love the vlog!

Just Mom said...

Did you feed your girls sugar again before bed? ;-D

Very cute vlog.

Lori said...

Very cute! I love that vlog. They sure did have the giggles.

I love that she comments like me I'm 3 to everything that has to do with a 3.

Darlene R. said...

I have never done this before. I hope that I did it right!

You're kids are cuties!

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

Everything with a 3! Even a gift for daddy - a 3! (if I heard right). Too cute.

I'm going to have to ask my 5 year old how Santa will get in. That should be a good conversation. I asked him what I should get daddy for Christmas and he said trains. Trains is the answer to everything at our house... kind of like 3 is at yours! :)

Loved the vlogging - your girls are adorable and their giggles are so sweet. My 2 year old watched the videos with me and he just grinned and grinned!

Amy said...

I love the videos! It's so great to see the girls in action.

Foxy5 said...

I loved your giggly girls. Very precious. :)

Short Stop said...

The videos are hilarious. I definitely think they should get Daddy a baby doll! :)

BTW, as I was watching this, Max walked up and said, "hi, hi, hi" to the girls!

Short Stop said...

sorry...meant to say "you should get Daddy a baby doll!" oh boy, it's gonna be one of those days...

Scribbit said...

I actually had something to post this week!

Momma Roar said...

CUTE! Could only see the second one :(

Elle does the "like I'm 2" or even better "like I'm gonna be 3"

And sharing the neighbors chimney sounds like a great idea! :D

Amanda said...

Very cute vlog.

~Just A Thought Ginger said...

No more vlogs! You're making me cry. It's like watching Lindsey and Alicia all over again. I kid you not! They even sound like my kids did. This was a real treat and priceless. T just reminds me so much of Alicia is not even funny.

Christin said...

Marriage THEN a baby. Yep, we've had that discussion in this house too. Which they repeated when company was here. ;)

diana said...

loved the videos. the girls are so cute.

i love that T relates all 3's to her and her age. too cute.

MorningSong said...

I adore the giggling!!! Adore it!! That is my absolute favorite, catching the kids giggling!!


jennifer said...

Oh Mary I say this every Tuesday...but I love Tiny talk tuesday!!!!!

I love the one about you being a mommy! My all time favorite!

Rohal Call said...

Oh no, you can't end the vlog with, "Ooooh, I have a really good one...." What a cliffhanger!

Loved this post!

Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

Your girls are precious! So cute to see them cuddly and giggling like sisters who are best friends!

My name is Dianna said...

Love your blog...sound like your very lively kids are a bit like mine! Enjoy your blog.

Alana said...

I loved the video. Giggly girls, too cute!

I'm still hoping to get to do this before the Tiny Talk holiday version runs out!

kddub said...

vlogs are cool!

I like her Santa idea too...


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