Sunday, June 17, 2007

That's my dad!

He enjoys a good political discussion and I prefer to leave the room.
He'd rather be fishing. I'd rather be shopping.
He'll take wine with dinner. I'll take iced tea.
He taught my 4 year old to bird watch. I can't name any of the birds for her.
He manages a carpet company. I manage three little kids.
He enjoys a good movie. I can't stand watching them if he is in the room.
He loves his gardens. I must suffer through the "tours".
Hollywood Stars typically drive him nuts. I look forward to the waiting room just to read People magazine!
He thinks he is Italian. We are both American.
He vacations in Italy. I vacation in Florida.
He buys any new gadget out there. I enjoy borrowing them.
He loves board games, card games, any game...maybe that's where I got it.
He likes to analyze people and situations. I usually agree with him.
He likes to make "yuppie" comments. I know he is one.

We had lunch together today. It was great.

Happy Father's Day, Dad!


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Madavi's Dad said...

I represent these remarks!

Love you - Dad


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