Thursday, June 28, 2007

Home Projects

I have been staring at two large sections of dry wall in my house for almost one year. (see them in the picture?) Yes, you heard me, ALMOST A YEAR! They are the result of a kitchen project. After finishing the kitchen, the other side of the wall never got painted. That "other side" is my family room.

When we took on the kitchen project, I was pregnant with baby #3 and our other two children were 3 and 1. When the kitchen was done, so were we. We just had nothing left to give. The energy was gone. The ideas were gone. The children were still here and the third one was due. In the midst of those little projects, we weren't able to finish this house project.

A month ago, thanks to some much needed inspiration from Rachel Anne over at Home Sanctuary, we picked paint colors. Her post here suggested the Concepts in Color Collection. It was the inspiration I needed.

Baby #3 is finally on a bedtime routine, so last night, we primed the walls. Woo hoo!

In the past year as I waited for this week to come, I could have let that dry wall terrorize bother me. There were days that it did. I would look at it and get frustrated. I would think about what needed to be done to that room. It would begin to consume my mind. I would do what many women would do in this situation. I would begin to make lists.

Pick colors. Prime walls. Paint moulding. Paint walls. New lighting. New curtains. New hallway color while we are at it. Paint hallway...

Of course, these lists only frustrated me more because a woman in her last 2 months of pregnancy is clearly not going to be painting with toddlers at her heels. My husband was too tired from picking up a huge amount of slack as I had to rest in the evenings. Therefore, unless the kids were going to paint, it had to wait.

I had to let it go. Yes, that meant living with the dry wall for awhile. It wasn't always easy to look at the unfinished project.

So I began to look at it with new eyes. Eyes that saw it as a reminder of my current season of life. Right now, my house is filled with tiny ones who need me for everything from feeding them to bathing them to tucking them in at night. My physical energy is spent on them 24 hours a day. I don't have much to give to house projects.

And that's OK!

I will have a year of pictures in my scrapbook that look like this one (and the one above). We'll laugh when we see that patch of unpainted wall and recall those days of tiny ones running around. We'll tell the kids about living with it for a year because we were so busy with them. It'll probably lead to stories of crying babies, toddler tantrums, games of cooties, flashlight chase, and bedtime exhaustion.

I am pretty sure we'll miss those days.

Though, we won't miss the dry wall.

(*For those curious, I will post pictures of the finished project when it is done...hopefully by Monday)


Short Stop said...

I bet it will feel great to see it completed! Looking forward to seeing the end result!

Traci said...

You have such a great attitude! I'm so thankful you posted on my blog because now, I love reading yours.

Rachel Anne said...

Awwww! I love this post!! You are absolutely will have some great memories from this year, regardless of the color of your walls. The pictures will be fun to see when you finish...but all in due time. Thinking of the "seasons" of life have gotten me through many times of frustration.

Love your little baby with his lil' red face. So precious.

Kris said...

The seasons of life seem really long sometimes, just like a Chicago winter! Glad to have read your thoughts today, they helped me!


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