Friday, June 15, 2007

The Dress

It stares at me every time I open the closet. I can't wear it, but I can't let it go.

I bought it about 9 years ago. The Hubs and I were only dating at the time. We were hanging out one evening in Annapolis when I saw it.

I LOVE that dress.

I look at the price tag. UGH. There is NO way I can buy this. (I was just a college student at the time) BUT, I have to try it on. Bad idea. I love it and worst of all, I can tell by his eyes that he agrees :) It is too much money! I let it go and we leave.

But I can't stop hemming and hawing obsessing thinking about it, so we return to buy it. (yes, the man put up with a lot, even back then) I have NO occasion for this beauty, but I just love it.

Turns out I was able to wear it for many occasions: graduations, weddings, and our engagment photo. The last time I wore it was about 5.5 years ago. You see, since then, I have had 3 children and the dress no longer fits.

My three pregnancies changed some things and the dress just doesn't lay how it used to. I am the same "size", but alas, not the same "body".

Yes, I could probably do Taebo, take kick boxing, and run for miles each day, but did I mention the three kids under 5?

So tonight, I once again did a closet cleaning and piled up some too small, too big, and too old items to take to goodwill, but the dress still hangs in the closet.


Jenise Dunn said...

Now, you KNOW I'm going to come see this dress!!

E said...

There are many wonderful memories of Mary in that dress. Watching her move with it on is beauty only God could inspire.


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