Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter


(No, this isn’t the best photo of my kids that we took this AM….but it is my favorite.  boys are so silly.)


(one try.  one take.  camera on a timer sitting on the car.  totally unable to look in the viewfinder to line up the shot.  random success.  awesome)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Boys’ Bedroom Makeover

Slowly, we are making the house “ours”.  Our upstairs painting tasks began with K’s bedroom.

Next up was the boys’ bedroom.  It began like every other room in the house…a beige color.

(I forgot to take pictures until the furniture was already moved around)

1-IMG_2899 - Copy2-IMG_2900 - Copy

That night, because of the paint fumes, the boys had to crash with their sisters.

The kids were so excited about this!  They talked about their impending sleepovers all day long.  They are the ones who determined how they would split up too.

D spend the night with T.  They practiced drawing Olaf!

4-IMG_2908 - Copy

C crashed out with K very early in the evening.

He looks so cute, Mom!

5-IMG_2909 - Copy

The next morning, it was time to do the blue. 

Strangely enough, the beige on the top seemed quite similar to the former beige.  BUT, it is really much warmer.  It is hard to tell from the photos, so you’ll have to trust me that my lovely paint job was not in vain!

3-IMG_2905 - Copy

That afternoon, I was finished painting. 


I was so excited about these navy blue blackout curtains.  I had been looking at them in the Pottery Barn magazine, but they were so expensive.

Then I found them on a local facebook group for $30!  AND the next day, I found a curtain rod for $5. 

Bingo!  Window done!


Of course the best part of the room is the four silly kiddos enjoying it.


Love these babies!

Friday, April 18, 2014

This is the life…

Yes.  That is exactly what my son said as he was sitting on this park bench.

“This is the life, mom.”


(Photo taken: 4/4/14)

He gets it from his older brother, who busts out with that phrase quite frequently.  It makes me smile. 

It’s the little things for these guys.

And the wonderful reminder of how precious the little moments are.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Emotions about Moving

It’s been 8 months since we moved south.

Some times it feels like it has been years and other times it feels like it was just yesterday.   And sometimes I feel great about the move and other times I don’t.

This week has been one of the “don’t”.

Which is strange because last week was one of the “I feel so settled and good about our move” weeks.

But that is the thing with emotions.  They can change in an instant.  At least they can for me.

This week, I am feeling the ache of missing my friends.  The ones who really know me.  Who have watched my kids grow.  Who call to chat and make plans to play.  The ones I shop with and linger over hot tea with for hours.

It isn’t the same here.  At least not yet.  Because friendships like that take time.  Finding your “core people” and developing those deeper friendships take time, even once you have found some folks that you connect with.

Its hard because the folks around here have their “core”.  They have friends who they met when kids were little and the history is built.  It is well established. 

It makes me miss my long time friends.  I talk to many of my “core” folks in MD pretty much every week, but it isn’t the same for me living here.  I can’t take a run with them or meet up for coffee.  There aren’t playdates with the kiddos during the week. 

And sometimes, the loneliness of that hits me.  Which it did this week.

It makes me remember a friend of mine who moved over a year ago telling me that she had a good cry about the whole thing 11 months after moving.  I remember thinking that was a long time after her move, but now I see that it wasn’t and I totally understand where that sadness came from.

It’s a sadness in the midst of happiness.  It’s weird.

But I am thankful for my many MD friends who have stuck by me through this.  They call, check in, chit chat, and work through life decisions on a regular basis. 

It’s almost like I haven’t moved….but I have.  And this week I am feeling some of the losses of the move.

Sunday, April 6, 2014


My parents came to visit.  We love having them here with us.  The kids are so happy to see them, as are we!

Of course, one thing we do is scratch a few restaurants off my list!  This time one choice was Piola in North Hills.  Piola was established in Italy and in honor of some special folks back in MD, we had to visit this authentic Italian!


On our second day, we grabbed lunch downtown at “The Pit”. 


It was delicious and kid friendly. 

Afterward, we hit the chocolate factory across the street!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Florida Family Visit

There is nothing like family members (or friends) coming to visit us at our new house.  It’s one of the reasons that we stayed “driving distance” from home.  [5 hours]  We also happen to be on the way from MD to FL, so with family in FL and MD, we get “pass thru” visitors too!

One of our “pass thru” visitors was my cousin, Michael, and his family.  They came by for a few days on their way to MD.  His boys are 3 years and 10 months old.  My kids had a blast playing with them.

On our first day, we all went to the Durham Life and Science Museum:


I enjoyed watching my cousin handle two preschoolers.  It brought back so many memories of our lives not so long ago.


Favorite picture of the day for me…it just makes me smile.


Loved holding a baby again…


What I loved was watching my cousin’s 3 year old carry huge handfuls of cars around the house.  It was a phase in my boys’ lives that disappeared without me realizing it ever did.

And suddenly I saw this pile of cars on the sofa and the memories came rushing back.  A very “three year old” thing to do…and it is a “mess” that is no longer in my house.


…and for a few moments, I missed two little three year old boys that used to live in my house and bring their cars everywhere, including their breakfast plate.

We had a blast, but eventually it was time to say goodbye!



Friday, April 4, 2014

Random February Catch-Up

I wish I had some actual thoughts to organize on this blog.  But for now, I can’t find the time to do that.  If you want any sort of put together thoughts, you need to go back to 2007, 2008, and 2009 on this blog.

But for now, I am working on catching up the interested parties (ie: family and friends in MD) on our life events here in NC.

So here are some random February happenings:

My Ironmen


My goofy boys


We worked on tesselations in math and K (age 11) painted an original one in her bedroom paint colors.


We had a field trip to the art museum.


K is growing up.  This includes the typical experiments with hairstyles and clothing!  FUN!


We have a BEAUTIFUL screen porch!  It was finally completed!


We have a running theme of “no furniture” going on.  And once again, the kids don’t really care.


To make Christmas easy AND fun, my parents decided to get ONE gift for all four kiddos. 



It was a winner for sure.  Of course, it was NOT a gift for Eric and I who spent a few hours setting it up only to find we had put the net on inside out and had to take it ALL apart.  Yes, EVERY. SINGLE. SPRING. had to be removed and then re-installed.

We have learned that NOTHING is easy for us.  We always have some fun way to make it more difficult.


Our annual trip to Great Wolf was a blast.  It included a movie theater excursion to see “The Lego Movie”.


K continued to swim through the winter.  She is awesome.  I just have to say that.  Her swim strokes are beautiful!


And there is February for ya….now that April is here….


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