Friday, November 21, 2014

Nashville Adventure Science Center

The ASTC membership to your local science center is recognized as a membership to Science Centers all across the country!

We took advantage of this opportunity to visit the Adventure Science Center in Nashville for free!  (As a family of six, we REALLY like FREE!)

It was a smaller science center than our one in Durham, but there was plenty to do.  The center had a multi-story climbing, play area.  There were slides, stairs, play areas on each floor.  If you climbed to the very top (3 stories), then you were treated to a glass triangle room above the science center with a lovely view of Nashville.


If you have little ones under 5, this play area would be an absolute nightmare.  Children can exit on multiple floors and in numerous ways. 

Thankfully, our children were old enough to “lose” for a bit and to find them again later.

Another section of the science center was focused on anatomy.  We had a great time in a laser shooting game shooting pathogens.  The kids explored various activities and learning stations.


We found two ships with running water meant for dam and waterway building.  We all enjoyed this, including myself!


Ambulance driving is always a hit!


There was a section set up for kids to explore what it is like to be in a wheelchair.  There were three wheelchairs available with a ramp that went up and down around the outside of a basketball hoop. 


There were plenty of fun places to explore.  We were also treated to a planetarium show as our science center doesn’t have a planetarium.


Once we got back to the house, we were treated to another yummy dinner.  Then it was time to celebrate Eric’s birthday!  Tricia picked out candles that glowed in a variety of colors!  They were fun to say the least.


Another great day of vacation!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mythology, Honky-Tonk, and Art (continued)

Day One was clearly busy!  After our morning of mythology and our lunch downtown, we headed to the Frist Center for the Visual Arts.

The work of Kandinsky was going to be on display.  I knew very little about this artist, and the kids knew nothing.  Before our trip, I got a few books about his life and work for the kids and I to read. 

*SIDE NOTE*  This is always helpful if you want to do the art museum with kids.  Get them familiar with artwork that they will see there and chances are that they will be more engaged with the experience.  They will already have a connection.

After about twenty minutes of looking at Kandinsky’s work, we moved upstairs to check out the kids area.  It was a permanent section filled with activities for kids.  The area was amazing.  I think we spent two hours exploring, playing, and creating!

Building with a huge collection of Magformers was a hit all around!


The kids were asked to paint in a method inspired by Kandinsky.  The kids were to paint their feelings and even had the option of painting while listening to music on headphones for inspiration!


Each kid took a turn using the “printing press” and making a copy of a landscape carving.


D (age 7) really enjoyed this computer kaleidoscope simulation.  He was mesmerized by it, as were some of the other kiddos.


The area for creating stop motion videos was fantastic, complete with background landscapes to choose from.  This is a favorite activity on the iPad at home, so they enjoyed the different backgrounds and unique “critters” to use in their videos.


By the end of our time at the museum, we were ready to head home. 

Jehan, my friend who we were crashing with, made fantastic mini-Stromboli's for dinner.  It was such a treat to have dinner with friends.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mythology, Honky-Tonk, and Art (continued)

Our first day in Nashville began with a visit to the Ancient Past.  After which we headed downtown to take in the sites and sounds of Nashville.


Tourists?  Yes.  That would be us.


We arrived at Music Row and decided to scope out a place for lunch.


As per my friend’s recommendation, we had some burgers and hot dogs at Robert’s Western World.


The live music was excellent.  Had it just been Eric and I, we would have listened for a few hours.


K thought the restaurant was a bit strange.  That would be because it was a bar.

Yes.  Her mom and dad took her to her first bar. 


Then we walked around some more and warmed up in the Country Music Hall of Fame museum store.


Then we braved the cold day to walk the pedestrian bridge.


We were rewarded with the passing of a coal barge under the bridge.  I think this was the highlight for a few of the male members of our crew….including the oldest one…Daddy.


Beautiful view of the city…


It was a fun day in Music City.  We weren’t quite finished yet, so we headed for a treat and then to the car.  Next on the list was the Frist Art Museum!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Mythology, Honky-Tonk, and Art

That about sums up day one in Nashville.  Let’s start with the Mythology trip!

We started with a visit to a full size replica of the Ancient Greece Parthenon, complete with a full size Athena statue AND Percy Jackson movie relics.


This landmark was my choice.  I have always enjoyed the study of Greek Mythology.  It is a fascinating topic to me, though I am not any sort of expert.  I just find it interesting. 


Last year we studied Ancient Greece and listened to, “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief,” as a part of our schooling.  In the movie, they visit a full size replica of the Parthenon to get a gem from the statue of Athena there.  This Parthenon replica and statue of Athena are located in Nashville.



The building is a very small art/history museum containing artifacts from the time the Parthenon was built in 1897 as part of the Nashville Centennial Exposition.

The full size statue of Athena is on the second level.  She is covered in 23.75 carat gold.


While I enjoy the historical significance of a place like this, I always feel a little strange looking at a replica of an ancient idol, worshipped as a goddess.


Not one piece of the original statue remains, so historians and archeologists, along with artists, have pieced together their best representation of the original.

The architecture of the Parthenon and the story behind it was interesting to learn about.


It was a great side trip.  The building is located in a beautiful park. 


It was a shame that it was so cold!!


Day One to be continued…


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